mP-200L, compu-T and mP 1200-DL

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PULSECHO, in step with its reputation, brings you the latest & the best in thickness gauging.

MP200 L

  • 200 reading data logger
  • Printer port
  • Lemo connectors

compu – T

  • Excellent low cost equipment for corrosion surveys

mP 1200-DL

  • 1200 reading data logger with excellent memory management (100 files)
  • 10 years data retention without power
  • Multifunction unit with HI/LO gain settings and backlit LCD
  • PC/Printer interface with data transfer utility
  • HI quality mPL series probes with lemo connectors
  • Resolution .01/.1mm & .001 / .01 inch

The quality of test equipment determines the quality of tested product, the reason why quality oriented companies are with PULSECHO for the past 25 years.

TECHNICAL DATA compu-T mP-200L MP-1200-DL
Frequency (Mhz) 2.5 MHz 2.5 and 5.0 2.5 and 5.0
Range (mm)* 1.5 to 99.9 1.5 to 199.9 .7 to 300
Probes - Standard m PSS-2 m PSS-5 m PLS10
- Optional m PSC-2, m PTH-2 m PSC-5, m PTH-2, m P-200 m PL210, m PHL2
Resolution mm 0.1 0.1 & 0.01 0.1/0.01mm & .001, .01 inch
Accuracy 0.1 0.1 or 0.03 3 counts
Output --- To mPRINT or CENTRONICS 8 TO mPrint or thought RS2/DTU to PC
Logger (readings) --- 200 in one file 1200 in 1-99 files
LCD Display 3 digit with legends 5 digit with legends Backlit 4 digit with special legends
Battery (Penlite – AA) 4 4 3
Life (Hours) 30/40 30/40 50/60

*Actual range depends on the probe selected and material under test

The UTG measures the round trip time of the ultrasound sent by the probe in the thickness sample. The microcomputer converts this time into thickness or velocity readings displayed on the LCD. The acoustic coupling (oil, etc.) Between the probe and the sample is indicated on the display. Operating on dry cells these UTGs feature keypad controls, Auto-off, last reading hold, Lo-Batt and other legends. As a "PROBE" block is provided on the UTG, it can be calibrated with just one "known thickness sample". The UTGs can also be calibrated by directly entering known velocity in the range 1000 to 9999 meters / second. The UTGs are housed in rugged ABS cabinets (L150 x W80 x H40) and weight just 350 gms.

puls03a.jpg (13314 bytes) mPRINT is a portable dot matrix plain paper field printer (Epson mechanism) with rechargeable batteries and charger, it directly connects to mP series of UTGs.

The UTGs are guaranteed for one year and backed by prompt and efficient after sales service at our factory, during and after the guarantee

Probes Frequency (MHz) Thickness Range (mm) Job OD Temp. C/Couplant
m PSS-2 2.5 1.5-100 >40 -25 – 70 C oil, Glycerin, etc.
m PSC-2 2.5 1.5-15 25 to 40
m PSS-5 5 1.5-60 >40
m PSC-5 5 1.5-15 25 to 40
m P-200 2.5 10-200 >80
m PL510 5 1.3-60 >25
m PL210 2.5 2-100 >50
m PTH-2 2.5 2-25 >80 0 to 250C CTH
m PHL-2 2.5 2-25 >80

*CTH- Special High Temp. Couplant (upto 250c)

To check the consistency of the UTGs, stepwedges with 9 steps, type WS210 (2-10mm) and WS220 (2-20mm) are available in mild steel. The UTGs are supplied in leather cases and/or wooden cases puls02a.jpg (11285 bytes)

MP1200-DL, a multifunction unit, measures thickness in normal mode or high speed record mode when it holds the lowest thickness reading. It also features low thickness alarm, selectable gain, backlit LCD and a PC / printer port. The 1200 reading data logger can be divided into a maximum of 99 files with direct access to individual file and location within a file. The interface cable RS2 with DTU (Data Transfer Utility) helps to transfer the data logger to a PC. This can be further processed by the PC using standard editors (Dos or Windows).

puls04a.jpg (14957 bytes) mP-200L & compu-T have been in production for the past many years and are extremely field proven for corrosion surveys. The reading in the Data Logger can be recalled either on the display or can be printed out using mPRINT or any standard printer using Centronics-8 Interface which connects between the mP-200L and the standard printer.

Measurement of wall thickness with PULSECHO thickness gauges is an accepted method for inspection, quality control, corrosion monitoring and maintenance by many inspection authorities.