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Radiation detectors, monitors, with GM counters for radiation surveymetry and dosimetry, find use in industrial and medical radiography, nucleonic gauging, measuring leakage radiation, etc.

MINIRAD : Wide range,0 to 5 R/Hr in four decade ranges.
DIGIRAD : 0 to 2 R/Hr in three decade ranges.
RAM-1: Low cost , with calibrated beeping rates is useful as a rough check of hazardous areas.
DOSIRAD : Radiation dose meter with a six digit display is an excellent alternative to quartz fiber dosimeter as it has 5 to 10 years of service life and is fully repairable.
AREA / ZONE MONITOR : is a radiation monitoring alarm for working areas of radiological installations, source rooms & isotope laboratories. It has features like battery back-up, GM counter or EHT failure alarm etc.