PULSECHO                                                                       OPTEL               

ULTRASONIC                            HT-7 : LEEB


Multiscale: Vickers, Rockwell & Brinnel Testers, compact and rugged for insitu as well as laboratory use.
HAREDENSTAT with motorized low load probe is a Non-Destructive Tester.
A Vickers diamond indenter oscillating at ultrasonic frequency indents the test specimen depending on the hardness. Operating on rechargeable batteries, it gives excellent results on smooth surfaces. A magnetic measuring stand gives a very steady hold and helps measurement in any orientation.

Optel's HT-7 : Based on Leeb's or energy quotient principle, it is well suited for not so smooth surfaces and large jobs with thick sections. An Impact body in the probe is impelled on the specimen surface. The ratio of its forward and return velocities is measured.
The microprocessor in these testers interprets the measured ratio into a hardness value on the selected scale. When a number of measurements have been made, statistical results are calculated which can be displayed and printed on the mPrint.