Moving Message lets you display your sales messages, advertisements, statutory information and warnings, time, etc. You can use your imagination to Programme the Moving message with a detachable keyboard. The fascinating animation and display functions can attract attention of the people to whatever you want to say. Moving Message has a battery backed memory of 2000 letters and is available in various sizes to suit your requirement. It can operate from 230V mains or a car battery. TOK-IN : Token/Numeric indicator. This system allows you to display Three digit number and select one of two indication lights at a remote display even upto 100 meters distance. TOK-In comprises of a key-board with a local display and a slim ceiling / wall mounting remote display. The number is entered and confirmed first on the local display and then displayed on the remote display using SEND command with a ding-dong sound.
VULUX : Compact Radiographic Film Viewer