Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  • Pressure or Vacuum Leaks
  • Leaks of ANY gas
  • Leaks in a pressureless system
  • Air leak at 5 psi through 0 01" orifice from a distance of 30 to 40 feet
  • Bearing noise
  • Electrical Sparking

An efficient and safe replacement for ‘Soap Bubble’ and ‘Flame Test’ methods in pressure systems and vacuum systems respectively.

All gaseous leaks create ultrasonic waves (near 40 KHz) due to Molecular Collision. The amount of ultrasonic waves generated and hence the sensitivity of Sonoleak is directly proportional to differential pressure and the orifice size and inversely proportional to the distance of the leak. Typically turbulent leaks as low as 0.01 atm cc/sec can be detected.

Leak detection in pipelines, flanged joints etc. is a regular function in maintenance and upkeep of chemical plants. WE have three types of leak detectors, viz. Ultrasonic Leak Detector Combustible Gas Detector and Halogen Leak Detector (separate Data Sheet) which cover most of the applications. These instruments which are small and handy are meant for qualitative use and no measurements can be performed. The DLH 150 Halogen Leak Detector detects gases like Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine e.g. Freon etc.

The region where leak expected is scanned with the Sonoleak probe which houses ‘Pulsair 40’ an ultrasonic transducer. Maximum audio visual signals are indicated by the meter and ear phone of Sonoleak in the directions of the leak. The leak is exactly located by ‘homing in’ on the leak (approaching for maximum signals) in this directions. Less or no signals are obtained in this direction beyond the point of leak.

The ambient ultrasonic noise present is also indicated by the Sonoleak and has to be mentally tuned out by the operator this can be done as the noise has erratic repeat rate.

Leak in a pressureless system (e.g. Air Conditioners, Ducts. High Velocity Air Lines, Rooms, Automobiles, Cabins, etc.) can be detected by Sonoleak with the help of Sonoemitter : Ultrasonic Transmitter (additional accessory).

Sonoemitter is left inside the system and the leakage of ultrasonic waves generated by this are detected by the Sonoleak from outside.

Maintenance, leak detection and leak testing of :

Pipelines, Flanged joints, Welded joints, Vessels, Tanks, Drums, Air Brake Systems etc.


Sonoleak Sonoemitter
Size L130 X W 63 X H 37 mm L 70 X W 50 X H 40 mm
Weight 300 gms 100 gms
Battery 5x1.5 v penlite 9 v type 216
Battery Life (hrs) 80 to 100 25 to 30
Guarantee One Year One Year