The Ultimate in RPM measurement and monitoring
  • LCD Display (19999 maximum)
  • Dry cell operation (even for STROBATACH)
  • Elegant ABS moulded cabinet
  • Auto ranging microprocessor circuitry with quartz crystal timing
  • India’s first or should we say world’s first ! Three-in-one ! digital Stroboscope/Contact/Contactless Tachometer.
  • This microporcessor design surpasses all previous attempts and combines many functions dsired by people involved with RPM, speed and stroboscopic measurements.

The STROBOTACH uses a Ultrabright solid state lamp to do away with the power guzzler, xenon flash tube. This solid state lamp though not as bright as the xenon tube has much longer life, is very rugged and consumes much less power, resulting in a dry cell operation with very good battery life. Also the duration (intensity) of flash can be controlled which is not possible in case of flash tubes. All these advantages offset the drop in intensity. However a flash tube attachment is offered as an optional extra.

The tachometer function is considerably improved because of the Ultrabright lamp and the microprocessor. A very fast reading update, auto reading lock and high resolution of 0.1 (below 2000 RPM). amke the tachometer most suitable for demanding applications,Model mP-TACH has only the tachometer function of STROBOTACH, whereas model STROBOLITE has only the stroboscopic function of STROBOTACH


Auto Range 30-1,00,000 RPM 250-20,000 RPM
30 to 2000
2000 to 20,000
over 20,000
Time Base Quartz Crystal Controlled Microprocessor
Light Source Ultrabright solid state lamp
Detector Phototransistor -
Flash duration - Adjustable in five steps
Power A Penlite (AA) dry cells giving 50/60 operating hours display –LB- for low battery
Dimension (in mm) L160 x W65 x D50
Weight 250 gms
Optional Accessories :
1) Contact Attachment Type CNA 30-30,000 RPM Resilient Conical oil resistant rubber contactor -
2) Surface speed attachment Tyep SSA 3-3000 metre/min
(surface speed – display/10)
3) Remove strobolite solidstate Type RSL - This is five times brighter than the built in lamp. (with one meter chord)
4) Anemometer Attachment Type AA Rnage – 0.5-30met/sec.
Resolution – 0.1met/sec.