mPRINT : Field Printer is a micro-dot printer with graphics that directly interfaces with PULSECHO and OPTEL instruments to print readings one at a time or all readings in the logger memory.
The mPRINT uses a highly reliable EPSON print  mechanism, ordinary paper and a long life silk ribbon cassette which can be reinked. Operating on rechargeable NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries, it is fully portable for field use and is supplied with a charger. 

mPRINT has a self test to check its operation. It
has a baud rate selector. It can be used with any electronic equipment giving TTL or RS-232C output. The mPRINT can also be supplied with CENTRONICS-8 input port as special requirement. It is housed in a plastic (ABS) cabinet and has a label giving operation in brief.
Printing    24 columns; impact dot matrix @ 15 cps; character size 2.5 mm
Paper   57 mm width ordinary paper
  Ink Ribbon cassette with auto feed
  Connects (Input) with 1 meter cable, 3.5 mm stereo plug.
Power   Built-in rechargeable NiCd batteries and external charger
Charge life   200 to 300 readings, LED Indicator
Controls   ON and Paper Feed Switch; Charger Socket; Ink Cassette Eject Button
Dimension   165 L x 70 D x 50 H mm (without paper roll)
Weight   400 grams
Data Input    7 bit ASCII at TTL levels with one start bit, one stop bit and no-parity bit
Baud Rates    User selectable from 110, 300, 1200 and 2400 BPS
Fonts (Dot)   A -  5 x 7  (Normal mode)             B -  10 x 7  (Double width mode) 
  C - 5 x 14 (Double height  mode)   D - 10 x 14 (Double width / height mode)
Graphics   Full graphic capability each dot accessible
Data Buffer    1 line
Number of Columns     (I) 24 in normal mode & double height mode
  (II)12 in double width and double height / width mode.


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