MICRONSTAT : A new dimension in
Quality Control and Inspection

For Vital Statistics in Coating Thickness Measurement!
  • Measures coatings and film/foil thickness
  • EMI(FD) and Eddy Current (ND) probes
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Resolution upto 0.1 micron
  • Averages zero for rough substrates
  • Statistical evaluation of data
  • No rotary controls
  • Prints readings and statistical values
  • Aesthetic compact design with rugged ABS housing

These instruments can use both FD and / or ND probes unlike earlier ones where separate instruments were required for ferrous and non-ferrous bases.

   FD Probe ND Probe
Coating non-magnetic non-magnetic/non-conducting
Base magnetic (steel) metallic/conducting
microntest2.jpg (10237 bytes)

MICRONSTAT is a new generation electronic digital gauge for accurate measurement of coating thicknesses. It can measure thickness as fine as 1 micron! This eliminates the need for guesswork, erroneous readings and approximation in coating thickness measurements. It measures following coatings on metallic substrates.

  • Paint, varnish, lacquer, oxide, nitride, phosphate, enamel, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, glass etc.
  • Decorative and protective coatings
  • Electroplating on steel (except Nickel)
  • Anodising, paints, etc., on Aluminium
  • Plastic, Polyester film, Copper, Aluminium, Foil thickness measurement by providing a temporary base like a plate or roller.

MICRONSTAT can help to maintain consistent quality of coatings in the fields of anti corrosion, electroplating, painting of engineering products, automobiles, aircraft manufacture, chemical industry and so on.


A series of reading are taken and the statistical data is evaluated to know uniformity of coatings. The standard deviation gives the distribution of coating thickness on either side of the mean thickness. In accordance with "Chebyshev’s theorem" 68% of the readings are within mean thickness standard deviation and 93% within mean thickness 2 standard deviation.

The statistics displayed are :
  1. Number of readings
  2. Maximum
  3. Minimum
  4. Mean*
  5. Standard deviation*

*Resoution 0.1 micron below 100 microns.

Any wild readings can be deleted from the statistical calculations using (CE/C) function in order to avoid any errors.


MICRONSTAT can connect to mPRINT : Thickness Printer (plain paper) to print label, all readings and the statistical values. mPRINT operates on rechargeable batteries and uses a reliable Epson print mechanism. RS 232 C or Centronics 8 interface is available for connection to a standard printer.

Coatings Thickness Gauge with statistical functions and FD-HR Probe.
Range – 0.25 mm to 5 mm

puls03a.jpg (13314 bytes) MICRONTEST

This model has all the feature of MICRONSTAT, except statistical evaluation of data and printer port, MICRONTEST is suitable for all general applications with a cost advantage, while MICRONSTAT is highly recommended for all Critical application areas.


FD, FD-90, ND, ND-90

Statistics Calaculation of Min., Max., Avg., and Std. deviation for upto 255 readings. -
Memory All Statistical results and last Reading, Calibration seting. Last reading and calibration setting
Printer Port mPRINT : Plain paper printer prints every reading and all statistical values OR CENRONICS 8 / RS 232 INTERFACE -
Switch-off Auto switch-off after 3 minutes of discontinued use
Battery / Check 9v EVERADY 216 (50/70 Hrs.) LO BAT in display
Operating Condition 0 to 50 adn 90% non-condensing humidity
Dimension (mm) 145 (L) x 80 (W) x 42 (H)
Weight (gms.) 250

Note : mPRINT and Interface are optional.

Principle Electro-magnetic Eddy Current
Application Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic base (iron/steel) Insulation/non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous base (SS, Cu, Al., etc)
Range 0 to 1250 microns
< 10
> 10

0.1 micron
1 micron

1 micron
1 micron

Tolerance (microns)
0 – 33
33 – 150
> 150

1 % 1
1 % 2
1.5 % 1

1.5% 1
1.5 % 2
2 % 2

Operating condition

0 to 70 C, 90% non-condensing humidity

Substrate 0.5 mm Minimum Thickness
Measuring Area

7 mm diameter

10 mm diameter

Radius of
Convex 5 mm Flat 10 mm Flat
Concave 20 mm 20 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Dimensions (mm) OD 15 x 55 (H) 10 x 10 x 200 (L), OD 17 x 70 (H) 12 x 12 x 200 (L)
Weight (gms.) 40 100 65 130

With connector & 1 meter cable