= Stable Calibration
= Range 8 to 92% RH
= Accuracy ± 2%
= Fast response
= Light weight & Rugged
Digital Relative Humidity Meter
For Universal Application

    Fast action HYGROTEST reaches the full scale relative humidity reading in a short span of 3 to 5 minutes. The functionally styled sleek sensing probe with frontend electronics is very convenient to use. Sensing probes are interchangeable and their calibration can be checked and adjusted, if required, using calibration chambers (optional) of 12% and 76% RH readings. 
   The HYGROTEST as well as the sensing probes are temperature compensated and are ideally suited for field and laboratory use. Moisture contents in grains, powders, granular materials, etc. can be measured using a sintered cap (optional) on the probe.
 Analog output (optional) can be provided for recording or further processing in a computerized system.
Technical Data  
Range  8 to 92% RH (Relative Humidity)
Accuracy  ± 2% RH over the entire range
Display  LCD digital display
Resolution  1 RH
Analog output  5 mV/% RH
Probe :  Capacitive Humidity Sensor
Response Time  3 to 5 minutes
Probe Size , weight  20 mm diameter, 150 mm long with
1 meter cable, weight 90 grams
Temperature Range  0 to 85°
Battery /Battery Life  9V (216), 50 to 60 operating hours
Battery Check  ‘LOBAT’ on display
Dimensions , Weight  L140 x H65 x D25 mm, 180 grams
Calibration Samples
Sample LO : 12% ± 1% RH at 25°C
 Sample Hi : 76% ± 1% RH at 25°

Applications :
Research Labs,
Pharmaceutical Labs  
Food and Grain Processing
Engineering Test Labs
Petrochemical Industries,
Fertilizer and Agrochemical Industries
Textile, Chemical Industries
Plastic and Electrical Industries
Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants
Refrigeration and Cold Storages
Railways and Mines.

Calibration Samples
These are double walled chambers having a permeable inner wall. The inner chamber is maintained at the said humidity by the solutions contained in the outer chamber

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