Halogen Leak Detector - DLH-150
with micropump


Halide gas leak detection in....
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Hospital sterlizing equipemnt
  • High voltage circuit breakers
  • Leak testing
  • Detects all halogen gases Freon, SF6 etc.
  • Small compact, portable with battery operation
  • High sensitivity (3 to 5 parts per million)
  • Long flexible probe for hard to reach areas
  • Sensitivity automatically reset to ambient level of contamination
  • Sensor can stand to large doses of halogen gas


The DLH-150 Halogen Leak Detector

  • Detects gaseous impurities in the ambient atmosphere by drawing the sample through its sensing tip (similar to ionization chamber) using a micropump.
  • Is a light, portable and easy to use instrument. The sensing tip is mounted in a flexible probe which can be bent as required. The sensitivity is about 3 to 5 parts of HALOGEN gas per million parts of air (ppm).
  • Gives beeping audio indication through its built-in speaker which increases in sped and frequency as the leak is approached or with increase in concentration of HALOGEN gas in air. An earphone is provided for use in noisy locations.
Technical Data:
Sensitivity 3 to 5 parts per million of HALOGEN gas
Power 3 nos. ‘C’ size dry cells (medium)
Battery Life 40 to 50 operating hours
Battery Indication By LED lamp
Duty Cycles Continuous, no limitation
Warm-up time Few seconds
Operating Temperature 45 C maximum
Probe Length 440 mm
Weight 550 grams
Dimensions – Unit – Mirco pump - B 85 x D 40 x H 180 mm